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5 Things You Should Do After You Pay Off Your Mortgage


For home owners, paying off a mortgage is usually a long term commitment – typically lasting 25 years. Receiving that letter from your lender informing you that you have paid off your mortgage in full and your home is now completely yours can be a fantastic moment and one that can mean a celebration is in order! However, once these celebrations have been laid to rest...

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How to Leave Your Kids With Your Ex And Not Spoil Your Holiday


When former Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Adlington announced her separation from her husband Harry Needs at the beginning of April this year, she claimed they were “still the best of friends”. Days later, however, according to various reports, it transpired that she left her infant daughter in her ex-husband’s care...

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Keep Calm and Mediate


Mudslinging, name calling and stand offs. A court room battle which ends with no discernible success for anyone. Is that how you would choose to separate and divorce? It is certainly not the way that I, as a lawyer, want to conduct my client’s cases. Gary Lineker recently accused lawyers of fuelling acrimony between divorcing couples...

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6 Reasons Why Prince Should Have Left a Will


It came as no surprise to me that, following the tragic death of singer ‘Prince’ last month, his family are now embroiled in a dispute over the late singer’s $300 million estate. Unfortunately, the enigmatic music star failed to leave a Will and this is the just the most recent occasion where celebrities – often with multi-million pound estates – have not provided for their succession. Other notable mentions include Amy Winehouse...

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