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Burst Packages: Travel safe this summer!


As the holiday season comes round again, and thousands of people pack their sunglasses and shorts to depart for the magical climes of Ibiza and Lanzarote, personal injury lawyers watch from behind their net curtains, secure in the knowledge that a lot of these happy holidaymakers will come back home injured...

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The Equality Act for Service Providers – Certainly not a Piece of Cake


Last month saw a much publicised case in Northern Ireland involving a bakery and a customer requesting a message supporting gay marriage to be displayed on a cake. The owners of the bakery refused to make the cake on the basis that the message went against their strong religious beliefs. Belfast County Court held that this amounted to discrimination against the customer.

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Zero Hours Contracts


Zero hours contracts emerged as a hot topic during this year’s General Election and the new Government has already started making changes in this area of employment law.

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Making My Mark In The Work Place: My First Tattoo


I have decided to get a tattoo. Seriously. It is something which I have been thinking about for the past few months. My colleagues tell me that I am ridiculous, that I am too old for ink, that I will regret it forever and that I am suffering from some kind of mid-life crisis. However none of these comments have yet dissuaded me from the notion...

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