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Patrons’ rights if the show goes on without its star


It’s Festival time in Edinburgh and the mainstream theatres are packed, with all the drama – so far – being confined to the stage. Not so in London, where the hiring of major stars of film and television to take the leading roles in some West End productions has been compromised by an all-too-frequent incidence of big names being replaced by an understudy – most notably by Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard and Sheridan Smith in Funny Girl.

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Employment Termination Payments Reforms to Tax Treatment but £30,000 Exemption to Remain


Proposals in relation to the tax treatment of termination payments are set to take effect from April 2018. HMRC is currently consulting about the draft legislation which is to underpin the reforms. Under the proposed new system, the first £30,000 of any payments resulting from termination of employment will remain exempt from income tax.

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Key differences between “without prejudice” conversations and pre-termination discussions


Settlement agreements can be a very effective, amicable way of bringing a problematic employee’s employment to an end. There are generally 2 ways to initiate these discussions. One is through a “without prejudice” conversation. The other is through a “pre-termination negotiation”.

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Harry Potter and the School of Legal Pitfalls


Between dressing up in long black gowns and uttering bizarre Latin phrases that make no sense to anyone but themselves, lawyers and would-be witches and wizards have much in common.

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