5th October 2017

Season 2.1: How to be a good witness? | Employment Lawyer In Your Pocket

blackadders logoSeason 2, Episode 1: Simon and the Jack answer a tweet from Fairways HR ‘How to be a good witness?’ What makes a credible & reliable witness? Can you guess the Family Guy witness? Listen to find out more on how to be a good witness.


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Step 8: How to Handle A Disciplinary Appeal Hearing?
Step 7: What Happens If An Employee Fails To Attend A Disciplinary Hearing?
Step 6: How Do I Communicate A Fair Dismissal?
Step 5: What Is The Role Of HR In A Formal Meeting?
Step 4: How To Conduct A Disciplinary Meeting
Step 3: How To Prepare For A Disciplinary Meeting
Step 2: How To Conduct An Investigation At Work
Step 1: Where Do I Start When Managing Employees?

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