26th September 2019

Season 5.5: How To Deal With A Subject Access Request | Employment Lawyer in Your Pocket

blackadders logoSeason 5, Episode 5: This is our “listen and learn” season of podcasts. The ELiYP team tell a story, week by week, about a situation which the team has encountered. The team then discuss the law relating to that situation. One story told week by week.

Following his dismissal, Bruce is annoyed with SHIELD and phones HR. During the call, he is upset and complaining about the way he has been treated and mentions he wants to see information that supports the allegations made. He finishes the call by vowing to “make SHIELD sorry” for messing with him (with flecks of green appearing in his eyes)! The next day, an email is received from Betty Ross on behalf of Mr Banner requesting copies of his personnel files relating to the disciplinary offence.

Does Bruce’s angry call to HR amount to a Subject Access Request? Does it matter that the “second” Subject Access Request was made by his partner, Betty Ross? And can SHIELD refuse the request, either in whole or part? Simon, Jack and Ruth also discuss timescales for responding to a request, when an employer can refuse a request and whether or not documents which mention “BB”, “BB, the scientist” or “green monster” require to be disclosed.

And, is it just me, or does anyone else think that Jack is obsessed with Bruce’s “bulging eyes” and his “green chiselled body”?…

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