Solicitor, Private Client

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Solicitor, Private Client

A Solicitor with the firm will be expected to assist in the provision of legal services and the giving of legal advice to clients of the firm to the highest standard.

Key Responsibilities

Meeting and interviewing clients to establish the firm's suitability to provide the necessary advice and services;
Explaining the firm’s fees to clients;
Advising clients on legal issues;
Taking the clients’ instructions;
Researching and analysing information, including statements, legal documents and local authority reports, as relevant to the matter in hand;
Corresponding with clients and opposing solicitors;
Instructing and meeting with advocates and expert witnesses,
Attending meetings with opposing parties;
Preparing papers;
Calculating claims for maintenance and financial provision, 
Working in a team within the firm, sometimes referring files to colleagues;
Delegating work to junior and trainee solicitors, paralegals and legal secretaries as appropriate;
Making cross referrals to colleagues – for example, a family law solicitor will work with a conveyancing solicitor on the sale of a matrimonial home in the case of a divorce;
Liaising with outside agencies;
To keep fully up-to-date with the relevant areas of law and practice.
Where appropriate, to have a good knowledge of the public funding system
To keep fully up-to-date with and to comply with the solicitors rules of conduct
To attend external and/or internal training courses as appropriate

Researching and analysing information, including, legal documents and local authority reports, as relevant to the matter in hand.

Keep CPD records up to date and comply with the compulsory CPD requirements.

Adhere to Blackadders policies and procedures and Law Society of Scotland Regulations, including Money Laundering, etc.

To ensure that Safe Working Practices are adhered to, in accordance with Health and Safety Legislation and Blackadders LLP.

Professional Standard

To work and behave in a professional manner and within the highest ethical and other standards of the profession.

Comply with procedures set out in the office procedures manual, professional standards and any requirement set by the Law Society of Scotland.

To ensure monetary transactions are dealt with efficiently and in accordance with Anti money laundering regulations.

To maintain the strictest standards of client confidentiality at all times.
Performance Measured By:

Conducting matters on behalf of clients to their satisfaction.

Careful file management and the keeping of detailed contemporaneous attendance notes of all work done on behalf of our clients.

Compliance with time recording requirements and reaching financial targets.

Working knowledge and use of necessary discipline of law. 

Efficiency in dealing with work and accuracy of work produced.

Ability to work with initiative; maintaining a flexible and responsible approach

Personal development and contribution to the overall objectives of the firm

Good attendance and timekeeping.

Other Duties

There may be the requirement to perform duties other than those given in the job description for the post.   The particular duties and responsibilities attached to posts may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility entailed.   Such variations would not of themselves justify the re-evaluation of a post.   In cases, however, where a permanent and substantial change in the nature of the duties and responsibilities of a post occurs consistent with a higher level of responsibility, then the post would be eligible for re-evaluation.


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Criminal Convictions

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 – Advisory Note

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