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The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) is responsible for registering and regulating people employed in social services. There are currently over 198,000 social service workers in Scotland. These include people employed in social work, social care, care homes and nurseries. The SSSC Code of Practice is a document which governs the professional standards of conduct required by social service workers.

Alleged breaches of the SSSC Code of Practice by a social service worker may result in them being required to attend a hearing (known as a Committee) to answer the alleged breach. Such hearings can result in suspension or, worse still, removal of a person's SSSC registration. There are also Committees which deal with whether a person is eligible for registration with the SSSC.

  • Have you been asked to provide written comments to a complaint?
  • Have you been invited to a hearing with the SSSC?
  • Did you know that these issues can have far reaching implications for you in the future?

Blackadders have experience in assisting with all aspects of SSSC procedure. Since we are based in Dundee, which is where all SSSC hearings take place, we are able to offer cost effective representation for individuals all over Scotland. In the event that you require advice or representation, please contact our experienced team.

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