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There is, unfortunately, an inherent risk associated with the raising of court proceedings. Particularly for those pursuing personal injury claims.

However, such risk can be eliminated by way of a policy of insurance known as after the event (ATE) insurance.

After the Event Insurance (ATE Insurance)

This insurance is taken out after an event, such as an accident which has caused an injury, and removes the financial risk associated with pursuing a claim for compensation.

The policy covers the policyholder for disbursements, as well as any costs should they lose their case. If the policy holder does lose the case, then the insurance company will pay the opponent’s legal costs and expenses, as well as the policyholder’ own disbursements.

The premium payments, especially in a “no win, no fee” arrangement, may be deferred until the conclusion of the case. This is only payable in the event of success. The cost of ATE insurance is, however, never recoverable as part of an award of expenses.

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