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Our litigation team represents both private individuals and commercial clients in the pursuit and defence of legal actions in Scotland.

Disputes can arise at any time from a multitude of causes. While some have relatively straightforward solutions others can be extremely complex.

Our litigation lawyers can quickly decide on the most appropriate course of action. We find that a flexible and proactive approach to problems offers the best way to resolve disputes.

But some conflicts will still, inevitably, result in litigation.

What is Litigation?

Sometimes, dispute resolution simply doesn't work, and the case has to go to court. This is what we mean by litigation. 

Put simply, Litigation is the process of taking legal action.

Why Choose Blackadders

Our lawyers based in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth are skilled at representing clients in all forums. Whether that be in the Sheriff Courts, the Court of Session, the Land Tribunal or indeed the Supreme Court. We ensure that our clients’ interests are expertly pursued, whatever the arena.