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Latest News

Come Fly With Me Part II


Readers of my blogs will know that I am a great advocate for the City of Dundee and think that the improvements that are taking place under the guidance of the Council are absolutely wonderful. This includes not only the V&A but also the new railway station, Malmaison, various hotels and other regeneration projects. Like most Dundonians, I was very disappointed to hear about Flybe’s decision to cancel its direct flight from Dundee Airport to Amsterdam.

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What Goes Up Must Come Down


As Sir Isaac Newton famously said “what goes up must come down”. This applies to everything apart from taxes. This shown by the failed attempt in the 70’s to massively increase the tax burden which had a negative impact on the tax take. It was also shown by Reaganomics in the 80’s when tax came down and the take actually increased.

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Property Market Predictions – 2017


Firstly, apologies to the loyal band of readers who have not had a blog since June 2016. This is perhaps a sign of me trying to comprehend a very unusual set of circumstances, also coupled with an increase in activity amongst my client bank. Rest assured, there will be more regular blogs from now on. Before I give you my predictions for 2017, how did I get on in 2016? Well, as I have said before, 2016 proved the most unusual of years for the property market.

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Merry Christmas from Blackadders


Festive Hours

Merry Christmas from all at Blackadders!

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