16th September 2015

Interest Rates - The Conundrum

Over the last few months, with forward guidance from the Governor of the Bank of England, we have been watching out for a potential interest rate rise. With the recent economic difficulties coming out of China it has been interesting to see that forecasts of a quarter percent rise in quarter 3 and quarter 4 of this year have now changed with most experts expecting the rise sometime in 2016 and some even anticipating quarter 3 or quarter 4 2016. Have recent uncertainties caused the market to slow down? I would advise that certainly not according to my own feelings and experiences. The figure that I am looking at with interest is the amount of properties coming on to the market as we do not seem to be getting as much traction as we would normally have at this time in a recovery. I will keep you advised of stats.

Lindsay Darroch
Partner – Head of Property

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