10th February 2014

Liquor Licensing Compliance

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Annual Fees - You will shortly receive or you will have received notification from your local licensing board of the sum you require to pay to cover your Annual Fees. These fees MUST be paid by the due date Failure to do so may lead to you facing a costly review of your premises and personal licence licences.

Challenge 25 - All premises licence holders, premises managers, personal licence holders, volunteers  and staff need to be sure to implement CHALLENGE 25 by 1 OCTOBER 2011. You will need to ensure anyone serving the public or club members asks any person appearing to be below the age of 25  to offer proof that they are over 18 before they can be served. It is likely that those persons affected will already have been asked for proof of age in supermarkets and convenience stores so it is not likely to come as a surprise. You may be test purchased to ensure compliance. Failure to ask for proof of age in a test purchase will likely lead to an application for review and a referral to the procurator fiscal. If you go to Court you must tell the Court if you are a premises or personal licence holder and if you are convicted you must tell the Board which issued your licence (and the Board where you  work if they are different). Failure to so do could lead to an application for review of your licence[s]. If you need help with your training our licensing specialist Janet Hood can help.

What  to do to help prevent problems - Train your staff; put up appropriate signage; and encourage customers under 26 to apply to their local Council for a FREE entitlement card with a Young Scot PASS hologram. It will be safer for them to carry such a card rather than their passports or photo driving licences which cost a fortune to replace.

There are only 3 proof of age cards which you can lawfully accept.



You cannot accept national ID cards, Matriculation cards, medical cards or police or army ID cards. Why not encourage your younger customers to get Young Scot PASS entitlement cards. You may be able to get application forms from your local authority and offer them to customers. This will help your due diligence should something go wrong.

If you would like help or advice on these matters please contact our accredited licensing specialist Janet Hood on 0771 888 2837 or by email at janet.hood@blackadders.co.uk.

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