16th September 2015

More Reforms Required for Planning

Following on George Osborne’s plans released last Friday to relax the UK planning rules and free up more brown sites for development,  industry leaders have responded positively but with a note of caution that these reforms do not go far enough.  In fact some industry leaders have been calling on further tax breaks for house builders.  I welcome any move by government to free up the planning rules and to make matters easier for people to start development.  I do agree that these reforms do not go far enough and that some tax incentives and support from banks is also required.  I also understand that there are some thoughts that rates relief for empty industrial units will be removed causing a rush of demolition and potentially freeing up further brown field sites for development.

All parties agree that there is a chronic shortage of housing supply in the UK and it is imperative that supply and demand are put onto a level playing field.  I will continue to campaign for all moves that improve the number of development sites available.

Lindsay Darroch 
Partner – Head of Property

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