27th November 2018

Singing Children of Africa - Educate the Kids

Our Chief Operating Officer Bob Murdach and Trainee Solicitor Kasia Thomson arranged for the Singing Children of Africa - Educate the Kids - to sing at our Dundee office in September. Kasia is the Dundee Co-ordinator for Educate the Kids and talks about the charity below. 

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"I went to see the children perform in Dundee two years ago just by chance, at the end Maureen, who runs the charity said a few words about the fact that if everyone does a little a lot can be achieved and about the fact they have no paid staff (except the ex-pupils who are now teachers in the school) . I decided to look into the charity some more and fell in love with how it began and what it stands for. Maureen and Ian McIntyre took early retirement more than 20 years ago, planned to travel the world and the first place they went was Kenya. They met a young boy living on the streets in Kenya and decided to pay for him to go to school. Things spiralled since then and the couple soon opened a school and then after an orphanage. Now the school has 800 pupils, with parents queuing for days to get their child a place. It’s amazing. It’s all developed around the idea of sponsorship, costing £11 a month to sponsor a child to go to school, for books, uniform, exams and a meal at school.

An anonymous sponsor brings 30 children and teachers (who went to the school when they were younger) to the UK where they sing and perform shows. The money they make helps keep the school running and for vital repairs as well as sharing the word about the charity and sponsorship.  Since the show two years ago I wanted to get more involved. Last year I helped organise events and shows to make sure the children made memories in Dundee as well as fundraising. This year I coordinated the Dundee leg of the tour we had a brilliant time with thanks to six primary schools and local institutions such as Piperdam (where we did Segways, zorbing and spent the afternoon in their activity barn) , Blackadders, Dundee University (where we learnt about oral hygiene from “toothy tigers team” and became designers at DJCAD)  Olympia and more. The children capture the hearts of almost everyone they meet, so grateful, giving and uplifting. I had three young girls staying with me this year as the children stay with host families when they are touring. I am already starting to think of what we can do to raise more next year and make the experience bigger and better for the kids if they come over".



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