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Blackadders is a long established law practice providing a comprehensive range of legal services to individuals and businesses across Scotland.

Our team of Solicitors, Partners & Directors are on hand to help you. 

  • Martin Paterson
    Martin Paterson

    Director, Property Services

  • Brian Main
    Brian Main

    Associate Director, Property Services

  • Neil Fyall
    Neil Fyall

    Senior Property Manager

  • Scott Whigham
    Scott Whigham

    Property Manager

  • Nahdean McLarty
    Nahdean McLarty

    Property Manager

  • Marie Clark
    Marie Clark

    Branch Manager

  • Leigh Carrie
    Leigh Carrie

    Property Administration Manager

  • Cheryl McAfee
    Cheryl McAfee

    Senior Property Sales Consultant

  • Eileen Henderson
    Eileen Henderson

    Senior Property Sales Consultant

  • Carol Forsyth
    Carol Forsyth

    Property Sales Consultant

  • Irene Gourlay
    Irene Gourlay

    Property Sales Consultant

  • Fiona Hannan
    Fiona Hannan

    Property Coordinator

  • Paul Mitchell
    Paul Mitchell

    Property Sales Consultant

  • Louise Netherington
    Louise Netherington

    Property Sales Consultant

  • Laurie Paton
    Laurie Paton

    Property Sales Consultant

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