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Often, when a couple separates, they wish to resolve matters in a courteous manner. Most couples would prefer not to resort to court action.

To achieve this, they must enter a legally binding contract, known as a Separation Agreement.

What is a Separation Agreement?

It is a legally binding document which outlines how various assets are to be divided. It will also address many practical issues, such as financial arrangements and care arrangements.

Both parties sign the Separation greement. Then they can apply for a divorce, once they have been separated for at least a year.

Benefits of a Separation Agreement

There are many benefits of entering a separation agreement. The first being that it gives both parties control over the terms of the settlement.

Once signed, the agreement represents a full and final legal settlement. So, neither party can return asking for more than they received under the agreement.

It is also a more cost effective solution to applying to court.

How can Blackadders Help?

At Blackadders family law, we guide you through the legal framework and will provide comprehensive advice about how best to approach your case. The solicitors in our family law team have a great deal of experience advising on separation. Our aim is to make sure you understand your options before making important decisions that will impact on the long term financial security for both you and your family.

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