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The death of a loved one is a traumatic time. This is often made worse by the sheer amount of paperwork and other formalities that come in the aftermath. At Blackadders family law, we are here to support you and ensure that those matters is as straightforward as possible.

Following a death, there are numerous actions that need to be taken, in a process more commonly known as "winding up an estate". This involves gathering all of the assets, paying any debts and Inheritance Tax, settling any bequests and distributing the balance of the estate to beneficiaries.

How this estate is actually dealt with will depend on whether there is a Will, the size of the estate, the types of assets and who the beneficiaries are.

An Application for Confirmation, may also need to be prepared and lodged to the Sheriff Court, along with tax papers that relate to any Inheritance Tax that may be due.

How Blackadders can help

At Blackadders, our team of dedicated family law solicitors are on hand to help when it comes to executries. We aim to make things as easy as possible for you.

Our team has years of experience in handling estates of all shapes and sizes. We know that this can be an exceptionally difficult time, and as such, we strive to offer expert advice and support.

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