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A Guardianship is sought when an adult has become incapable, usually through mental or physical illness, but has made no arrangement for their care.

Difference between Guardianship and Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is signed before the individual becomes incapable. A Guardianship is appointed by the court after someone becomes incapable. It is important to obtain legal advice about both of these matters.

What does it mean to be a Guardian?

A Guardian looks after an individual's finances or their personal welfare. Without this arrangement in place, the affairs of the incapable adult cannot legally be dealt with by friends or family members.

This can easily lead to potential problems, particularly with financial matters such as assets and pensions.

How Blackadders can help

It is understandable that having to resort to an application for a Guardian may be difficult for loved ones. However, our dedicated family lawyers based in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Perth are widely recognised as specialists and leaders in this field.

We are on hand to help make a difficult experience such as applying for a Guardianship altogether more manageable for the family.