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A Living Will is a document, which expresses your wishes on how you want to be treated and cared for in certain circumstances.

This would only be relevant should there ever come a time where you are unable to communicate your own decisions.

A Living Will must be signed whilst you are mentally competent. Unlike a traditional Will, it does not deal with your assets.

Why consider one?

As we age, we are at risk of many potential health issues. With the population living longer, it is becoming more and more important to consider what could happen later in life. And how you wish to deal with it.

In Scotland, Living Wills are not legally binding. Instead, they are seen as evidence of a person's intentions in relation to the kind of treatment they may or may not wish to receive should they lose the capacity to make decisions or communicate.

It is good practice for you to give a copy of your Living will to your doctor, so they can include it in your medical notes. You can review and change it at any time, but you must be sure to communicate and record any changes.

How Blackadders can Help

The family law team at Blackadders can offer expert advice on Living Wills. The formal Deed is prepared and signed by you before a witness. It is then placed with your existing Will in our safe, with copies being provided for you to retain and pass to your doctor. The benefit of the process is the knowledge that you have done everything possible to make your wishes known.